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I put this up for info, as I can't find another mention of it, and MS don't seem to be aware.......

deep breath... If you pass an element of a variant array into a class object method which returns a value (i.e. class object function), and which has a paramarray in its argument list, (and you pass at least two values)... you end up with what looks suspiciously like a pointer. (aaannd breathe...) You certainly don't get the value you were after. Eg:

>> module:========
Private Sub showbug()
Dim ca As clsA
Set ca = New clsA

Dim v
v = Array(1, 2, 3, 4)
Call ca.testSub(v(0), v(1), v(2), v(3))
Call ca.testFn(v(0), v(1), v(2), v(3))
call ca.testFn(v(2))
End Sub
Public Sub testSub(ParamArray foo() As Variant)
Debug.Print Join(foo, ",")
End Sub

Public Function testFn(ParamArray foo() As Variant) As Variant
Debug.Print Join(foo, ",")
testFn = "Oops"
End Function




Lee Benfield - 2004