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Wumpbin - Yet another COFF dumper

I'm sure there's thousands of them out there, but I wanted a dumpbin.exe clone (I was on a machine without Visual Studio), and I couldn't find one (that didn't need link). It turns out writing a reasonable clone is quite a fun walk through the COFF specification, and the NT header files.

Of course, by the time I'd finished it the need had passed, but that's beside the point.. :P

I've implemented dumpbin.dll as the guts of the functionality, and a small GUI wrapper onto it ('wumpbin.exe').

Use as you'd expect - just load the COFF file, and everything dumpbin.exe would normally display will be available.

screen shot

And that's it!

Download Wumpbin:

NB: Icon for wumpbin comes from famfamfam silk suite.

Minor tweak to recognise Dynamic base flag, and switch to vc2008

Last updated 02/2010